Thursday, November 3, 2011

Insurance For Antique and Old Car

Whatever the purpose of owning an antique car, it is also important to find the cheapest insurance antique car. Despite the car insurance premiums vary, it is observed that the cost of an antique car insurance is less than a modern car. Let's look at some of the important aspects of antique car insurance to help you find a good insurance coverage at a cheaper rate.

Insurance For Antique and Old Car

Insurance companies offer a discount for antique car insurance, whenever the car is at least 30 years of age and is not modified by a system of fixed nitro. The oldest automobile policies presented a condition of your car must be locked in the garage when not in use.

Most insurance companies do not offer coverage for an old car, if used regularly. Some antique car insurance policies, including imposing restrictions on its use in auto shows and events Competition. So while buying an insurance plan for your old car, make sure to carefully read the policy document. Otherwise, there may be a problem in the settlement of the insurance claim.

In case, you have a second car, than the old car, you may have more chances of getting a cheap insurance policy for your classic car. However, it is necessary that the other car also must be insured and you can take a minimum liability coverage.

While buying antique car insurance, do not forget to ask for an assessment of agreement, even if you have to pay extra for it. Agreed valuation is the amount the insurance company agrees to pay, if the insured vehicle is stolen or written off. Also, make sure that the agreed value is guaranteed, since there have been cases of rejection of claims.

In the case, reach the agreed valuation, contact the insurance company, if the valuation agreed will increase after each year that passes or not. Since then, the value of old cars increased after one year, can be very expensive to replace any of the accessories and beautify rare.

In order to obtain cheap car insurance for antiques, always opt for limited mileage policy, depending on your car's mileage. In the case, do not drive your old car, it is advisable not to take the package of comprehensive insurance. Instead, you can take the coverage, according to your needs and save the amount of the premium. Today, many car insurance companies offer a custom policy based on the needs of its customers.


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