Thursday, November 3, 2011

8 Tips For Buying Automobile Insurance

Here 8 Tips For Buying Automobile Insurance:

1. Do not buy the first insurance policy you are. Research online and compare different policies and rates offered by different companies. Consider long-term benefits of car insurance.

2. If online shopping is not for you, contact a local insurance agent and ask them to explain the different insurance policies for you.

3. If you do not want to get your insurance through an agent, there are companies that sell directly to customers.

4. Be sure to choose an insurance company that has a good public profile, reputation, financial strength and record of good customer service.

5. Ask friends and family to recommend a reliable insurance company they use. Or you can check with the state offices listed on the insurance and consumer guides reference.

6. Ask about discounts. Many insurance companies offer discounts if you are insuring multiple vehicles and multiple drivers or if you have other insurance policies (life insurance, home insurance, etc.) with the same company.

7. Consider whether you can afford to take a higher deductible. Here the insurance kicks in only after a certain amount of loss has been crossed. If you suffer losses under the limit, nothing is certain. If you take a higher deductible usually have to pay low premiums. But make sure you can afford to pay for the deductible in case of accident.

8. To determine the proper coverage. Check what is the book value of your car. If less than what insurance is costing, you can get a low auto insurance or go for the minimum required auto insurance.


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